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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Supporting the Monarch Population!

Poking around in the garden a bit ago and I came upon a monarch caterpillar bonanza munching away on the Butterfly Weed!
I suppose it doesn't make much sense to be so pissed at the hornworms and at the same time so excited about the Monarchs.

But I am.
I counted 7 caterpillars in varying sizes.

Elsewhere...the Hibiscus is chugging along in spite of the Japanese beetles...
I caught sight of this fly resting on the okra. I haven't seen it before but admired it's spirit- though badly tattered flying flower to flower.


Les said...

Oh, they some ugly lopes!

The Idiot Gardener said...

I kill all caterpillars, regardless. I haven't got enough cabbage for me, let alone them and their mates!

TS said...

Monarch caterpillars don't poop all over your plants like hornworms do, so they are so much nicer!! I'm outside DC and we have so much clay sometimes I don't know if I should garden or just open a pottery studio!