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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too Cold For Me!

Rumor of my gardening-blog demise greatly exaggerated! I suppose it boils down to ...."to everything there is a season!"

This morning, the coldest so far of this season, and by far colder than what is normally experienced this time of year... Exactly why I moved get away from FREEZING in favor of a more temperate climate.

Just a few short days ago (three to be exact) I had these remnants of summer-hangers on in my garden.
There should be some prize for zinnia's in December.
Even the yellow pear tomatoes were still doing their thing in a protected southern exposure.
But then again, the birds in Pea Island loudly proclaimed with their presence, "Summer (and Fall) are over you goof!"
The upside...the White Pelicans are back!
Sigh...I sure enjoyed what was likely the last bloom on the rose til warmer temps return.

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