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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2K13!

I've been pretty sick the last few days with this ridiculously contagious respiratory crud. Coughing so much I have pulled muscles in my ribs, either that or it's Pleurisy! I decided a ride to the OBX oceanfront would do the trick. Riding is about all I am up for, no Mummer's strut for me.
Walked onto our beach at Avalon and as if on cue a large group of dolphins swam by in no particular hurry. I decided it was a good omen!

 There was something downright magical about the light sun, but these bright patches mixed with these twirling tubular clouds. Contrasted against the eerily calm ocean and sand, I wished I could paint...a camera must do.

 Goddess Support and I walked a bit looking for treasures and marveling at the calm surroundings.

My lungs full of moist salty air, we piled back into the car and drive home to eat our good luck pork roast.  A pleasant New Year's Day.

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Les said...

The beach is therapeutic in winter, or any day of the year for that matter. I had a bad case of the local crud at Christmas as well, but am in recovery. Happy new year to you!