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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

He loves me...He loves me not...


Clematis after...still very cool, I think.

Moonflower...or should it be called "Starflower?"

Did you know that Moonflower vines coil clockwise, regardless of where or how they are grown. This coiling was studied by Charles Darwin and published in 1875 in Movement and Habits of Climbing Plants. He observed that some climber species twined in one direction while some went the other way and was unable to reverse the direction changing the plant conditions. Contrary to popular belief....twining- coiling is NOT reversed in the Southern Hemisphere , plants are growing in their predestined direction regardless of their location in the North or "down under."

A coiled Wooly Bear (Isabella Tiger Moth's) Caterpillar....Common folklore has it that the harshness of the coming winter can be predicted by the amount of black on the banded woolly bear...actually, it's not entirely true and the width of the band on the caterpillar is actually a variant of age.

These caterpillars overwinter, surviving freezing weather by producing their own cellular antifreeze! If you pick up a woolly bear caterpillar, it will play dead...this one did and was as still as a stone....and when they are "scared" they roll up in a ball.

So ends our flora and fauna lesson for the day

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