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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Itch Had to Be Scratched!

I could stand it no more!!! I don't care that the countdown calendar says 27 more days til spring....the dirt was calling to me today!! At a balmy 53 degrees, which felt like San Juan, compared to our weather lately...I boldly joined other crazies looking for things to plant at the big box store. I came away with a fist full of seeds, some violas and 2 small birdsnest evergreens to plant near the deck steps.

Lot's of evidence of perennial herbs poking through the soil. The Bradford Pears have swelling buds. The Iris are about 3 inches up...and daffodils are not springing up all over.

Now, I would never actually eat this stuff, but I do think it is one of the prettiest plants in terms of contrast, bright color to an incredible dark green. It also looks great mixed into a planter. Peas are just see if any actually make it into the house and into a meal. To me they are irresistable to eat out if hand standing in the garden.

Along with the radish, there is arugala which when topped with blue cheese dressing is a mouth full of heaven...YUM!!

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