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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bill Waves at KDH

Hurricane Bill passed well off the coast of the OBX on Saturday, but made for some awesome waves. I ventured out several dawn, which was several hours before high tide, early afternoon and then at high tide at night.
A foggy, salty mist hung over the beach and pier.
The water was churning and foamy between wave sets.
No swimming day...though a few fools ventured in. The water rushed back out violently after each wave, the rip current visible and strong.

Looking north from Avalon Pier towards Kitty Hawk.
We took a walk on the was rocking!! The waves rarely break beyond the pier.
The guards had their hands full keeping goofballs out of the water.
Almost high tide ~930pm, frequent waves under the pier house, though I have seen worse in a good Noreaster here.
The pier was closed to fisherman and sightseers last night...
View from inside the pier house.

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