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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bloom Day April Edition!

Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

To participate, just snap a few pics of what's blooming on the 15th day of the month. To see what is blooming in other garden bloggers gardens visit the director of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - Carol at May Dreams Garden - April Bloom Day

So a wall in my garden.... The Iris are crazy tall this year and at the peak right now...I just love their reeaaaacchhhh to the sun.
All the azaleas are on the brink of popping. I think the warm temps predicted in the next few days, will push them along. This is one of the earliest, and one of my favorites tucked in a canopy of pines. I thing the color is just awesome.
The Bleeding Heart is a star in it's spot....
The Clematis has several buds and grows steadily can almost see it climbing up the archway.
If you look between the leaves, you will see the first teeny tiny fig forming.
Ok..this is not a bloom, well maybe a blooming pain in the butt- With GoddessSupport away on business travel, I was a little delinquent in keeping his feeders filled. The woodpecker was having none of it, and pecked our roof for 45 minutes before I clued into the lack of seed in the feeder he frequents.
I filled it after I snapped this pic...and he seemed much happier.
This is the Homestead Verbena that was the outlier last this ONE plant is a monster of purple joy not far from my front door.
Hope your day is full of blooms and not tax headaches!


Katie said...

LOL! We have a woodpecker that frequents our sycamore tree. Some days it drives me CRAZY. But, gotta love it :)

The native azalea is precious. I MUST HAVE ONE.

Bloom day always makes me go broke.


Darla said...

We have lots of Red-Bellied Woodpeckers at our feeders too. Great blooms! Don't just love clematis?

Melody said...

Homestead Verbenas are great, aren't they? I have purple and red; love them both.