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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hoy Cow!

Holy Cow!! Pollen levels are at their highest since the state started measuring pollen counts in the 1990s. The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources reported Wednesday that pollen levels in Raleigh reached 3,524 grains per cubic meter in Raleigh.In Winston-Salem, the pollen count was 9,632 grains per cubic meter on Tuesday

Anything more than 120 particles per cubic foot is considered extremely high!!!

One article I read said the combination of heavy rains, colder than average winter and the quick warmup ....

"It's a reproduction explosion right now with pollen everywhere!"

So the net result in the mainland garden is a whole lot of blooming these two apple trees, one of the trees blooms with just a hint of pink, the other stark white.

 These iris have a special place in my heart as they were dug from my Mother's garden at the time of her death back in 2002. They have been divided and replanted in my NJ garden (in NJ they bloomed in May at Mother's Day), then down south. They like the woodland clay better than the sand. I am happy to see them each year- a reminder of the green thumb I inherited from another GardenGoddess. :)
They are bot the fanciest variety, but reliable without a lot of fuss!

The onion sets have grown a few inches...

And a week ago, I looked at the bare dirt where this Clematis grew last year and thought aloud, it must be dead. In a WEEK the thing broke dormancy, grew several feet and set a few flowers...all a week!!! Holy Cow!!!

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Sylvana said...

Aw, you already have onions? I really have to get a move on! I see you like blue :)