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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Day at the NBG

A few weeks ago I came up with a brilliant idea...improve my macro photography by taking a class. Now I have been blessed with a great husband who gifted me a fabulous camera. My true confession is I have been "cheating" (no not like Tiger!!) I have been letting the magical camera make magical pictures on "auto."

Now it's still my camera, and they are still "my" pictures, but I have been feeling a lack of integrity actually, I have been feeling like a big idiot with a magical camera and no earthly idea how to use it...I don't know an F stop from a doorstop, though I think they both control entrances, well sort of.

So, excitedly I packed my magical camera and all of GoddessSupport's stuff, tripod, remote control, etc...I definitely looked the part of "Flower Photographer"

Our instructor, Ty shared his wisdom last evening in the lecture part of the class. Then this morning, we marched off to the azalea garden area....AND, drum roll....I took the camera off "AUTO" It was torture....almost as bad as math! Between 830am and 1pm I took 468 pictures...thank goodness that wasn't all film, because I got about 20 pictures that I would dare take back to class to be critiqued.
So without further ado...this is what I got...


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

See, nothing bad happened! Isn't it great to experiment with the camera? In the days of film photography, I'll grant, it was expensive, but these days taking 468 pictures mostly only costs you time. Once you step away from the auto'll never go back! Happy shooting...your photos turned out great!

GardenGoddess said...

Thanks!!! It reminded me of being a nursing student and learning to start iv's...and feeling like I had 10 thumbs. I am bound and determine to understand what I am doing...thanks for the encouragement!! :)