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Friday, March 26, 2010

Always Something to Photograph

My plan yesterday after watching D-9 at gymnastics was to scoot over to the Norfolk Botanical Garden to take some super zoom pictures of the eaglets. (GoddessSupport rented an awesome lens that we are trying out)

If you aren't already aware of this nest, it's worth a trip to NBG to get a sense of it's enormous size ~90 feet off the ground and to watch the attentive care of this eagle pair that has been using the same nest in the garden for some years. For those far away you can check out the EagleCam

My eagle plan was foiled, despite the blessing of the traffic gods who got me to the garden quick, quick during rush hour, the garden still closes at 5 for another week..."winter hours." boo.

So with camera in hand and no place to be for the moment, I wandered over to another favorite place, The Chesapeake Arboretum

There are ~ 10 different kinds of daffodil-jonquil-narcissus ...admittedly telling the difference is not my strong suit.

I am bulb deficient in my own garden, but admire the efforts of other who can not only purchase bulbs but actually get them into the intended growing environment at the appropriate time. (read- not in a bin in the garage, sprouting green in an attempt to self-actualize)

This swath of lavender color caught my eye.

I LOVED they can't decide between yellow or green

The marker said, "Common Peach"...I wondered, is there an "uncommon" peach?
I thought this was Leopard's Bane but I am not so looks lower growing and the flower is not right, though the timing is right...maybe a variation.

Look what I found in the garden.... who doesn't like that after a few hours with the kids!
I am mad for the color of this Quince...I just bought one for my yard and I can't wait to it is as beautiful as this...

And a hopeful sign of things to come...the Oak leaved Hydrangea is putting out leaves...

I am a little worried about the low temps the next few nights....cold with clouds, ok....but the no clouds on Saturday night....I hope we are spared a frost.



Les said...

I hope the weather guys are right this time. According to them it looks as if we will miss freezing weather.

Deborah said...

Shame about the eagles, but it looks like the detour paid off. Nice pictures!