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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Don't Care for Squirrels

In the never ending quest to feed the BIRDS and not the SQUIRRELS, I bought this nifty window feeder. It's working out well don't you think? Some squirrely facts:

The average squirrel eats about a pound of food a week...all STOLEN from my BIRD feeders!

Surprise surprise, the Eastern Grey Squirrel is listed as low concern on the list of endangered species.

In late 2007, the EPA in New Jersey warned residents to eat no more than two squirrels a week, due to possible contamination from a superfund site.
Plotting a high jump....

Better be careful squirrel...earlier in the week one of your friends had an ill-fated jump that landed it into the waiting mouth of a Welsh was Christmas for her and curtains for the squirrel!


And bold...

Where is that Welshie now?

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