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Monday, March 22, 2010

Outer Banks Arboretum and Teaching Garden

Took a run over to the Outer Banks Arboretum and Teaching Garden yesterday afternoon to see what was blooming there.
The garden is located adjacent to the Thomas A. Baum Senior Center at 300 Mustian Street in Kill Devil Hills. The purpose of the Outer Banks Arboretum and Teaching Garden is to create an outdoor classroom that will provide horticultural education,memorial acknowledgment and enhancement of the properties. The goals are to test and display labeled plantings and planting practices that are suitable for the coastal climate, and to provide a garden for the viewing pleasure of all citizens and visitors of Dare County.

The many types of daffodils were gorgeous in the sunlight dappled through the Live Oak trees.

The arboretum, opened in 2002, is almost within hearing distance of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to hosting plant tests, it showcases labeled salt- and pest-resistant native plants suitable for the Outer Banks' unique, often harsh coastal microclimates: beach dunes, maritime forest, wetlands. Within this relatively small space are butterfly, aquatic and dune gardens.

One of the Live Oaks was covered with beautiful leathery acorns.

That macro lens, helped me "see" the tiny details on the new growth of this pine.

Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens L.) was in bud...a native high-climbing, twining vine, 3-20 ft. long, with showy, trumpet-shaped flowers, red outside, yellow inside, in several whorled clusters at the ends of the stems.

A beautiful, slender, climbing vine that is a favorite of hummingbirds. It's not too aggressive and good as a climber or ground cover. The species name refers to its evergreen habit, especially in the South.

Meanwhile, back at seed red spotted bean has sprouted! More sprout pics later this week!

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