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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Macro Things

One of my goals this growing season is to learn how to actually use the macro lens on my Canon 5D...the camera a wonderful present from GoddessSupport, and admitedly a little more camera than I can figure out right now.

Snapped these red cabbage leaves, that are about 2/3 larger than they were last weekend...I love how the macro lens shows you things that are imperceptible to our eye least my over 40 eyes!

It's been a beautiful weekend and while officially the first of spring, it seemed more like the first of summer as the weekend warrier fisherpeople returned to the "opened" Avalon Pier! A sure sign that winter has left the area, although the water temp is 49 a few brave surfers in wetsuits enjoyed the day... My son's friend admitting that the moment the water hit his face, it was the biggest brain freeze of his life.

I was happy to see 2 pairs of eagles making nests out over the Albemarle Sound, near the 3 mile bridge.

I know it's only March but....I am always pushing the envelope in the garden and planting at the earliest. I couldn't resist these geraniums at the big box store. Since the overwintered geraniums are sprouting green and the forecast temps are not going below 45, I took a chance. Really the worst thing that happens is they remain in suspended animation until a little further into April.

My Hellebore is...just perfect. I love this picture~

The Hydrangea has popped a mass of green leaves- seemingly overnight! I guess the temps in the 70's have awakened everthing from winter sleep.
There were 4 different types of bees on the blooming that macro view of the bee~
Off to the Dare County Master Gardeners Butterfly see what's popping there....then back to the yard cleanup!

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