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Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Can Just Start Calling Me 'Jack"

If you recall, on Monday I posted a pleasant little picture of my beans....

I was so proud of their tiny sprouts, and my developing seed propogation prowess...but now I am inclined to think that something nuclear is going on in my dining room, because what looked like this on MONDAY EVENING(THREE SHORT DAYS AGO) .....

Holy Carp Batman....look at the beans now!!!

Where did this leaf come from????? How in the heck did that thing grow in such a short amount of time???
"Ah! You don't know what these beans are," said the man. "If you plant them overnight, by morning they grow right up to the sky."

There are more leaves in this one...OMG!

"When he woke up, the room looked so funny. The sun was shining into part of it, and yet all the rest was quite dark and shady. So Jack jumped up and dressed himself and went to the window. And what do you think he saw? Why, the beans his mother had thrown out of the window into the garden had sprung up into a big beanstalk which went up and up and up till it reached the sky. So the man spoke truth after all."

The beanstalk grew up quite close past Jack's window, so all he had to do was to open it and give a jump onto the beanstalk which ran up just like a big ladder. So Jack climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed till at last he reached the sky.

At this rate, rather than building me additional raised boxes for the enclosed veggie garden, GoddessSupport will be fashioning a grow hole in the ceiling of the dining room! I will soon be able to climb into the sky!


The Idiot Gardener said...

I am a big fan of the bean for speedy germination. That said, I sowed some La Diva miniature cucumbers and from sowing to three inches of sproutage took 48 hours!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

I love the bean pictures! So pretty!