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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Miscellaneous

A cherished lazy Saturday in the middle of many comings and goings. Happy to have GoddessSupport back from too much travel...packing our son off for a week away next week. Little in the way of gardening after a week of brutal heat and alot of work on big projects.

This tomato in a pot on the deck is a orange cherry, it has the best flavor, and the moment it's ripe, I pick and eat it! Not one has made it into the house.

We spent the day on the beach and what a terrific day it was...rolling waves perfect for just laying on a boogie board and the water temperature was an unbelievable 81!! The osprey were fishing and surely jealous of the kid who landed a good sized cobia off the pier.
We were lazy floaters.....loving life....
We returned home to a great dinner of grilled grouper. And this is what I did with my patty pan squash...bacon, onion, garlic, scooped out squash, Parmesan cheese, Italian herbs, s&p sauteed and stuffed, put there little hats back on...baked ~30 minutes...they were great! They have a sweet kind of nutty flavor. I would make them that way again... I think sliced think in a casserole with cheddar cheese and bread crumbs would work well also... So success there...glad there will be more! (And Arizona Garden Goddess will be so proud that I got GoddessSupport to eat squash!!! Yeah me!!!)

BUT The peppers...I thought were Italian ...were HOT HOT HOT HOT.... not good for the inside of my mouth!!! Definitely NOT Italian...hmmmm Oh well...

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Les said...

I can't believe the water temperatures. I was on the Eastern Shore this past week and usually the water is not warm enough for me until August. However it was just fine in late June. I have also noticed that the jellyfish have entered the Lafayette about a month before they normally do. Global weirding?