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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cabbage Butterflies

A few weeks back, my cabbage were being decimated by little green velvety cabbage worms. While I bought the recommended BT, my procrastination, disorganization and desire to stay as organic as possible on the veggies left the BT in the bag in the garage and me wondering if the cabbage was a total loss.

The other day I noticed that the damage had all but stopped and in it's place, literally a hundred cabbage butterflies ...clearly not cabbage eaters!

I am glad that I didn't pull out the cabbage when it was looking so rough...because the heads appear to have recovered for the time being...and I am hopeful for a small harvest!

On the patio, and seemingly free from pests, the sugar bush tomato is BUSY! Today these have a blush of red on is highly likely that I will have the first tomato before June! Thanks to GoddessSupport for the new nifty watering can, and for watering when I don't get to it!

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