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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Gardening

Lot's of yard jobs to take care of today.... GoddessSupport felled a large dead tree yesterday and today the fun part was over and the work began! Working diligently with a somewhat undermotivated DS15, one half of the tree became firewood and the branches etc became a big bonfire in the yard.... an unfortunate casualty of the dead tree, because of the odd way the two trunks grew the one side ended up falling on one of our apple trees. :(

The cabbage butterflies were out again in force...
I was weeding in the raised beds and noticed this plumey growth on the fennel....
We harvested another bowlful of salad...arugala, swiss chard, boston and romaine lettuce, cook's radishes, some basil, and brocolli made an awesome side for dinner.
The Clematis has grown over the top of the trellis and another flower will pop this week....I am still thrilled that it lived and seems to be thriving.

Lot's of these birds all over this area with our close proximity to water and marshy places...

I did some inventory today of what's currently planted in the veggie garden.... am going to make a page for that later in the week... that's all for today!

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The Idiot Gardener said...

Good work; I love cutting stuff down and burning it. In fact we had something of a tree-felling thing this weekend as a neighbour decided to remove old Leylandii. It's very sunny in my garden now!