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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gardening in NC

Some time in at one of my favorite garden centers, Nature's Harmony, in the fishing village of Wanchese. I picked up a few things....a pineapple sage with gorgeous acid green leaves, a few red Pentas to attract the hummers.

They had some beautiful roses that were hard to resist...though I have to admit being totally intimidated by roses!

 This Iris was unspeakably gorgeous in person...I wish the picture did it justice....

 This morning a good friend and I attended the Coastal Gardening Festival held by the Dare County Master Gardeners at the Arboretum in Kill Devil Hills. Lots of wonderful plants and really cool crafts. I got an Angel Trumpet, and 2 Beauty berry...and a few other things that were extremely reasonably priced and all rooted and started by the Gardeners... I have my fingers crossed that my raffle ticket is a winner for the rotating compost bin!!
 I am interesting in increasing the natives in my gardens....some research to be done about this.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it was too darn hot and muggy, for a gardener with some sinus issues to be out there. I did lay in some edging stones this evening after the sun went past the treeline...put in the pineapple sage and some zinnia's. The forecast is cooler tomorrow, so it will be back to crazy garden girl bright and early!

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Les said...

I was speaking with a photographer yesterday at the Stockley Gardens Arts festival about Wanchese. She had taken a series of pictures I admired taken there of fishing nets and ropes.

That red/orange iris is beautiful and your pictures need no apologies. Good luck with the composter.