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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy For Hydrangea

Years ago when I was still a Philly-SJ dweller, I would marvel at the exceptionally beautiful Hydrangea that grew at the Jersey shore. In Ocean City and Cape May, there seemed to be something about the air? water? humidity? sandy soil? something that produced the most gorgeous blooms in all sorts of colors...clear periwinkle blue, deep reds, and an indescribable purple that wasn't even in the crayon box.

When I got to North Carolina, I was on a mission to have a beach hydrangea looking as good as those I remembered in Jersey. In 2005, the lot was a barren .19 acre patch of sand. I set about planting like a lunatic, and I situated the small shrub immediately outside the window of my sewing room so I could watch it bloom.

Biased, I know, I think it is just perfect, and look forward to it every year...

In other news, while the Atlantic Hurricane Season doesn't officially start until June 1, there is a little something something brewing to the southeast. Right now the prediction is for some heavy rain and gale wind later this week...only time will tell!

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tina said...

Well it looks like you recreated that perfect blue hydrangea. It sure is beautiful.