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"Gardens... should be like lovely, well-shaped girls: all curves, secret corners, unexpected deviations, seductive surprises and then still more curves. ~H.E. Bates, A Love of Flowers

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Garden Survey

I mulched myself out yesterday finishing the pathways between garden beds, and of course it is a work I worked! Took a walk around the yard a bit ago and this is what I saw....
Park's Whopper (not whopping yet!)
Yellow Pear Tomato baby
Yellow Bell Pepper baby... I realize that these are decidely not exotic, however, when I consider that Mother's Day morning their location was an expanse of lawn...I feel like Mother Nature!

My last years, Walmart, half dead, less than half price on the discount rack Hydrangea is blooming. I was expecting blue, but I like it!
Undoubtedly my best hummer picture yet!! I am psyched that I got a still of the wings! I sit on my porch like a goofball waiting with the zoom lens perched and ready for one of these little buggers to get hungry. Often I get distracted (not hard as I am blonde) and when I look up, one is zooming this evening's "catch" made me happy.

Stay tuned for our next post where...the identity of the previously pictured "larvae" will be revealed, more fun facts about spiders living in the yard, and a new picture of the coolest web that was built overnight on the archway leading into the veggie's the wild kingdom out there!

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