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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rain and Bears

2.87 inches of rain fell in less than 3 hours at the Chesapeake Municipal Airport, not to far from our home on Friday evening. It was the most furious rain I have seen in quite awhile. Kind of made everything too wet for much digging today, but it did make weeding much easier...but weeding is not my favorite.

I did plant 2 Blue Angel Salvia's that I got on the discount rack yesterday...they were kind of leggy, so I sheared them back and expect them to rebound now that they are out of their root bound pot. I added another Buddleia to the perennial border around the veggie garden. I can't resist watching all the flying creatures that throng to them. I also put in a yellow Mandevilla that I bought tow weeks ago on a drive back from North Carolina... I can't resist their bright, showy blooms, even though they are gone with the first garden goddess logic says that it's ok to plant this to cover the archway, while the tiny Clematis takes hold this summer.

Kids interrupted my gardening day with the last Junior baseball game of the season for S14 and a piano recital for D13. A lose for son, but a hit for daughter who played nicely and was very happy.

So what about the bears?? GoddessSupport and I have a running conversation about the black bears that live not to far from our home. Well I am a believer, he is a skeptic. So I ask you...if there where no black bears, why are these signs posted?
And what about the Dismal Swamp Bear hunt and it's proximity to our general area...
And what about the bear "check" station at G.R.I.T.S. Grille N' Go on Benefit Road?
And what about this...that I read earlier...
Va's black bear population growing

"By the Associated Press
June 5, 2009
RICHMOND, Va. - Statistics from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says the state's black bear population is healthy and growing at over 7 percent a year.

The numbers show that the black bear population is widespread from Tidewater to the Southern Piedmont to the West Virginia border and everywhere in between.

Game department figures estimate the population has grown by about 37 percent since 2001 and is now slightly higher than the level at which biologists want it stabilized.

The statistics were used by some to make the case for increased black bear harvest seasons. In the counties surrounding Richmond, a six-week season will take effect this fall."

Scoff at me GoddessSupport, but I believe in the black bear!!

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