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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Skeptic No More!

Several posts or so ago, I shared my ongoing discussion with GoddessSupport as to whether there are actual bears in Chesapeake Virginia. He used as evidence against, that a bear hunt had been authorized and despite 150 or so tags issued, not one black bear was sited.
Well today all that has changed...the proverbial worm has turned.
I was driving down Ballahack Road, a rural stretch in Southern Chesapeake on my way to North Carolina. I was chatting with my son about all sort of things. We had just driven down Bunch of Walnuts Road and had seen many white egrets in the way high marshy swamp along the Northwest River (which happens to be in the southeast part of Chesapeake, go figure.)
As we drove, we both spotted what appeared at first to be a large black dog...but we quickly realized that this "dog" was a bear!!! He (she) was alone and medium sized...didn't seem in any particular hurry and was ~75 yards from us on the edge of a field. We watched for maybe 5 minutes and then he took off at a casual pace, across the field and into the woods on the other side.I immediately called Mr Skeptic Non Bear Believer...

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Doug said...

Oh yeah - we have lots of bears in this area. There has been sightings around Southern Shores - up towards the monument in KDH. Lots of undiscovered swampy area that the bears can run free through.

Cool blog, I'll keep checking in. (tell the kids I said hi.)

Doug (AKA - Mr. P.)